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Back in Aus briefly and to my amazement they left me alone with a net-enabled computer. *evil grin*

If you just tuned in, I was "AWOL" the second half of last year, under strict family supervision, and earlier this month I was shipped out to HK to stay with rels and be "re-educated". This is no fun as a) I don't speak Cantonese, b) I'm not allowed to go anywhere on my own, c) I don't know those rels at all, d) I don't think they even like me. :(

Flying back tomorrow.

So anyway, in December I sent a help request to Andrew asking him to delete me but he hasn't, so I just came in and deleted most of my entries.

This diary won't be updated again. Please take me off your buddy lists to avoid confusion.

Thank you all, miss you, maybe ... if I'm a good girl ... they'll let me have a computer later...

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