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A few notes and some rules for my always-on diaryring...

1. No locked diaries. Sorry.

2. When I get the email telling me you've joined the ring I'll wait a day or two then check your diary to make sure the code is up (on a page in your diary; the 'diaryrings' page in your profile does not count). If I can't find it I'll note you or otherwise get in touch (email, guestbook if you have one) to ask you to note me when you've put it up. You won't get any more reminders.

3. When I check your diary for the ring code I'll read at least one entry - your latest one and maybe a few more if I liked the latest one. If I find something extremely offensive in your diary I'll be removing you from the ring (so far this has only happened once). If I do this I will let you know via your notes or guestbook, but if you don't have notes turned on and don't have a guestbook either I won't email you - simply because I don't want to get into a stupid flamewar.

3a. If I've removed you from the ring and not let you know it'll be because you don't have notes or a guestbook (or didn't have at the time I checked). If you joined the ring but don't see yourself on the list and your diary isn't locked, that'll be why. You can note me or email me if you want me to reconsider (or to know what I found so offensive).

4. If you don't like the way I've styled the links for the ring (below) you can change it (hardcode the links yourself), but it has to include the words "always on" and at least link the main page of the ring, and diaryland, of course.

4a. The appearance of the ring code may change, at my discretion. If at any time you don't like the way I've done it you may change it, as per point 4.

5. This diaryring is for diarylanders whose computer is always, or almost always, switched on. It's okay if your puter has a standby mode after X minutes of inactivity; it's okay if your power management switches off the monitor after X minutes of inactivity; what's important is that you rarely initiate the shutdown sequence (or use the on/off switch) yourself. Reboots are okay. :)

5a. This diaryring is not for people who have broadband or cable or ADSL connections, or whatever else variations there are that aren't dialup. I don't care if you're permanently connected to the net as long as your puter is always, or almost always, on, as in running, as in the fan is blowing air out the back and the hard drive(s) is/are spinning.

If you have any questions about this ring, feel free to note me or send email.

copyright 2003: Nina,

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